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Vending Products

These products are designed to be used with vending coffee / cappuccino / hot choc and tea machines.

The Coffees listed are instant/soluble product. Some vending machines use coffee beans instead of instant coffee. For details on coffee beans see our section "Roasted Coffee".

The Whitener products are a soluble powder to be used as a milk substitute. A "Cappuccino Topping" is a whitener suitable to produce cappuccino or flat white coffees. A "Whitener" is suitable for flat white coffees or white teas only, it does not froth as required for cappuccino.

The Hot Chocolate products are used to produce hot chocolate beverages. They can be used by themselves or combined with a whitener to produce a creamier hot chocolate.  

Instant Coffee Brands Carton Size
Nescafe Blend 43 (250g) 12 x 250g
Vienna Freeze Dried (250g) 10 x 250g
Nescafe Gold (250g) 12 x 250g
Whitener Brands Carton Size
Nestle Capp Whitener Topping (750g) 8 x 750g
Vienna Capp Whitener Topping (1kg) 10 x 1kg
Nestle Karima - for flat white (750g) 8 x 750g
Vienna Whitener - for flat white (1kg) 10 x 1kg
Hot Chocolate Brands Carton Size
Nestle Hot Choc (750g) 12 x 750g
Vienna Hot Choc (1kg) 10 x 1kg
Tea Brands Carton Size
Concerto Freeze Dried (100g) 10 x 100g
Pre-mixed Cappuccino Brands Carton Size
Nestle Mild Capp Mix (750g) 10 x 750g
Nestle Italian Capp Mix (750g) 10 x 750g
French Vanilla Latte (906g) 6 x 906g
Vending Sugar Brands Carton Size
CSR Castor Sugar (500g) 30 x 500g